1. What is LDAP synchronization?

LDAP synchronization refers to the process of synchronizing an LDAP directory with an enterprise application. During synchronization, the application gets user, group, and organization information from the LDAP directory. The organization’s LDAP directory serves as a single source of true-up information for all applications. By doing so, system administrators can assign the right roles and permissions to an employee and then revoke them if the employee moves to another unit within the organization or leaves

2. What is DS for Software Vendors?

Directory Synchronization for Software Vendors (DSSV) enables vendors to integrate an organization’s Active Directory or any other LDAP directory into their software. Simply put, DS for Software Vendors is the fastest way to fetch user data and allow them access to your software based on the organization’s internal access management infrastructure.

3) Can I integrate an organization’s Active Directory into my software?

Yes. With DSSV it is possible to integrate an organization’s directories that support LDAP synchronization. DSSV is built on a robust and flexible infrastructure, allowing software vendors to support multiple organizations’ directories out of the box.

4) Which organizational directories does DSSV support out of the box?

At this moment, our solution supports the most popular organizational directories that support LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol): ApacheDS, Novell eDirectory, Microsoft Active Directory, and Azure AD integration.

5) How many DS Agents can I add to my DSSV account?

As many as you like.

6) How do I integrate the organization’s access management infrastructure into my software?

DSSV is built to be a simple-to-use solution with seamless integration into any software both on-prem and cloud. The integration is done in three easy steps:

  1. Request access to DSSV via the Web form on our website.
  2. Download the DSA, install it in your customer’s environment, and approve it in the DSS Web interface.
  3. Configure the working system

For more information follow this link.

7) What company developed DSSV?

Directory Synchronization for Software Vendors was developed by OpenLM.

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